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Thrive – Self Healing with Ayurveda

Thrive – Self Healing with Ayurveda
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Explore Ayurveda through five pathways in this series that brings ancient wisdom to modern life.

01. The Docuseries

– Ancient Medicine, Modern Application – Learn how ayurvedic wisdom can help you enter into a deeper relationship with yourself and the natural world around you.
– What is Blocking Your Vitality? – Release stagnant emotional and physical toxins, known as ama, in order to live a more positive, conscious, and connected life.
– Your Body’s Blueprint: The Doshas – Discover how the doshas, the three primary energies of ayurveda, are a gateway into living authentically in your unique, bio-individual body.
– What in the World to Eat? – Learn the basic principles of an ayurvedic diet and come to understand food as your pharmacy to release toxins and increase vitality.
– Healing Emotional Struggles – Learn how your system not only digests food but also emotions. Discover ways to release stuck emotional and mental patterns.

02. Tutorial Videos

– Ayurvedic Morning Rituals – Start your morning with self-care using this short routine that consists of personal prayer, simple movement, and an exercise to connect with nature.
– Ayurvedic Sleep Rituals – Align with the cycle of the day as ruled by the doshas and learn techniques to help fall asleep and stay asleep.
– Ayurvedic Self-Diagnosis – Read the signs of your body to understand your imbalances using tongue examination as well as facial and body type analysis.
– Self-Massage for a Nourished Nervous System – Release anxiety, detoxify your organs, and exfoliate your skin with two techniques: raw silk glove brushing (gharshana) and oil massage (abhyanga).
– Oral Care for Radiant Health – Purify your nose, ears, and mouth with practices such as nasal flushing, oil pulling, and tongue scraping.

03. Cooking & Recipes

– Ayurvedic Chutneys for Healthy Digestion – Transform mealtime into a healing feast with fresh vegetable, spice, and fruit chutneys tailored to your body type.
– Ayurvedic Spices for a Balanced Body – Learn to create spice mixtures catered to your dosha type. Each mixture strengthens digestion, reduces inflammation, and balances your system.
– Kitchari: An Ayurvedic Cleansing Meal – Clean out your digestive track and remove toxicity from your body with this nourishing and delicious dish made of rice, lentils, and spices.

04. Yoga Practices

– Yoga for Strength and Stamina – Kindle your inner strength while grounding your energy into the earth in this powerful flow that will work your lower body and open your upper body.
– Yoga for Digestion – Strengthen your core and boost your metabolism with vigorous asana, heat-generating pranayama, a 6-minute ab routine, and cleansing kriya.
– Yoga for Rest and Relaxation – In this slow-moving hatha flow anchored in the heart center, we will soothe the mind and invite a deep relaxation into our bodies.

05. Meditation Practices

– Chakra Meditation for Dosha Balancing – Balance your seven principle chakras as well as your doshas using mantra, visualization, and sacred geometry.
– Mudra Meditation for Self-Healing – Summon the healing potential already within you using mudras (sacred hand gestures) that will build your energy and reduce anxiety.
– Heart Space Meditation – Ignite emotional transformation by venturing into the five layers of your body and mind, known as the koshas, before arriving at your heart.
– Calming Cooling Pranayama & Meditation – Channel the cooling, soothing energy of the moon and arrive at deep stillness using Chandra Bhedana pranayama and contemplative meditation.
– Sound Healing Mantra Meditation – Chant a powerful and soothing mantra in honor of Lord Dhanvantri, the god of medicine. Then, enter into a radiant body meditation.
– Energy Balancing Pranayama & Meditation – Equilibrate the polar energies of your body with Nadi Shodhana pranayama and a meditation. In balance, you can live in tune with your true nature.

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