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Todd Herman – 90 Day Year

Todd Herman – 90 Day Year
Original Price: $997
Author: Todd Herman
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4 Mastery Modules Access The Mental Frameworks, Mind Shifts & Powerful Success Systems Needed To Unleash World Class Performance.

1- The Complete 90 Day Year Workbook & Strategic Action Plan: (Waiting For You Right Now)
In this module, you’ll learn the keys to selecting the right goals for you to direct your time and energy towards, so you impact the bottom line profits, systems or products. You’ll Be led through a full spectrum audit of all the key areas in your business (lead generation, automation, sales, financial systems, HR, product development, research, etc.) which will uncover where you have the greatest opportunity for growth and potential pitfalls. This way you don’t repeat the same mistakes of the past and instead take action on goals that will kick your 2016 off with momentum and confidence. This is the part that separates the pro’s in business from the amateurs. Most people want to hide their heads in the sand and never take a good hard look at the ‘Data Lens’ and then they wonder why they’re spinning their wheels not getting any traction.

Learn the true source of mental toughness, and how you can tap into it to create major lasting impact in your life and business.
We’ll dive even deeper into the O.P.P. Goal Achievement Framework and you’ll learn the nuances of achieving the goals you set so you have maximum probability of hitting your targets.
Finally, we’ll wrap-up this module by creating your O.P.P. Goal Achievement blueprint and move you into positive decisive action. By the end of this module, you’ll have created a powerful and motivating vision for 2016 with a clear goals that will have an immediate impact on your business!
Remember This 8 Phase Method For Achieving Tremendous Growth In Your Business & Personal Life is waiting for you to hit the play button right now.

2 – The Entrepreneurial Scorecard System
Forget “productivity hacks”.
This is the ultimate model to manage your activities and save valuable time.
The average entrepreneur can double their revenues with this system ALONE. In fact just one of our students 3X’d his revenue in just 59 days.)
This daily scorecard allows you to:

Instantly calculate the monetary value that your daily activities produce in your business.
Track, measure, and grow your personal R.O.E. (return on effort) and get clear on which activities amplify it, and which threaten your bottom line.
Immediately know which activities you should outsource & delegate in order to make the monetary value of your own personal output grow (Hint: Even self-proclaimed “expert delegators” are often shocked to see the hidden energy leaks they still have in their business).
You’ll learn the keys to strategically creating a day that will deliver measurable impact on your businesses growth. You’ll learn what elements make up the difference in the days of people producing thousands, tens of thousands or millions of dollars a year. This simple framework can be implemented immediately and give you a clear idea of what your growth will look like weeks and months from now. Real high performance doesn’t need ‘hacks’. Work in a solid system and the system will take care of the results.

3 – The Prada Protocol
All about simplicity & subtraction. I’ve told people for nearly 2 decades now that my main role as a coach isn’t to add more stuff to their lives, but actually to subtract the nonsense that keeps them from performing at their highest levels.
That’s why I developed a simple but powerful framework called the PRADA Procotol.
In the PRADA Protocol, you’ll:

Discover the “Dr. Seuss Effect” and how a simple shift in your thinking will turn a perceived weakness into a powerful strength. If you struggle with trying to free your mind from the constant barrage of ideas, opportunities and decisions you’re hit with daily, you’ll devour this advanced strategy.
You’ll see examples of how other successful people in the arts, entertainment, sports, business and leadership, use this every day to cultivate peace of mind and a calm sense of control.(busy entrepreneurs need this more than anyone!)
Remain in a state of high performance (instead of decision fatigue) by learning how to optimize, automate, and align all your major business decisions with your desired outcomes.
Adopt the “Thinking Model” to help you think more clearly, speak more confidently, act more decisively, and free yourself from the demands that other people constantly place on you.

4 – The R.O.A.R of high performance
This is truly the difference between how a pro and an amateur approaches their day.
If you struggle with inconsistency, constantly oscillating between intense bursts of action and long droughts of inactivity, then I’m going to give you a mental framework that will completely transform the way you produce results in your business.
We’ve had busy stay-at-home moms running businesses with tons of distractions use this to pull themselves out of the heavy weight of self-criticism and judgement so that they feel great about what they’re accomplishing for their family.

And I’ve also had multi-million dollar entrepreneurs pull themselves out of patterns of ‘busy work’ that don’t serve the long term goals of their business, transform into entrepreneurs that actually get to spend time with family and friends AND feel good about it!
In the ROAR of High Performance, you’ll learn:

The 4E’s to mastering a winning routine. and how you can use it to create powerful momentum that moves you towards the achievement of your biggest outcomes.
Why so many entrepreneurs, despite their best intentions, FAIL to maintain a consistent routine and easily slip back into damaging habits.
How to lace your physical environment with powerful mental cues and success triggers that keep you on focused and on task.
How to defend yourself from the dangerous entrepreneurial whiplash between emotional highs and soul sucking lows. and instead maintain a steady arc of satisfaction, momentum and growth.
The PROVEN 90 Day Roadmap
2 4 Mastery Modules
3 Private Facebook Community
4 Accountability Partner Program
5 8 Live Support Sessions
6 Bonus #1: The 90 Day Year Accelerator Software (Value: $97/month)
7 Bonus #2: The Performance Masking Protocol (Value: $997)

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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