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Vinh Giang – Stage Academy 2022

Vinh Giang – Stage Academy
Original Price: 997$

Author: Vinh Giang
Sale Page:_https://stageacademy.mykajabi.com/
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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What will I learn?

Vocal Mastery
Learn how to master your voice, the most important instrument in your life that allows you to have more impact!

Discover the power of influence, connection and persuasion through masterful storytelling.

Body Language
Learn the foundations to body language to bring your message to life.

Public Speaking
This is one of the most important skills as a leader, improve this and you’ll amplify your leadership.

Self Awareness
The moment you learn to become more self aware, you’ll learn to see how others are currently seeing you!

Learn to build a library of stories that you can pull from anytime!

In this course you will learn;
– How simple changes can completely change the way people perceive you.
– The importance of Visual Image AND VOCAL IMAGE
– How you can style your Vocal Image to help you amplify the best parts of you
– How to stand out and be more charismatic
– Self awareness, learn how others are seeing you
– The power behind great storytelling
– The storytelling formula
– How to build a library of stories
– The foundations to confident and effective body language
….and much much more!

What People Are Saying:
“No, I don’t want to write you a testimonial – it’ll come across really weird. I mean, who uses their wife as a testimonial on a sales page? I’m not doing it.”

Pei wen Au (Vinh’s wife)
“Please invest in this course, it’s amazing. But not as amazing as a Medicine Degree.”

Vinh’s Mother

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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